seattle, washington

i love seattle! one of my favorite places to visit. i feel like i end up here once every month or couple months & it's the best. i'm visiting my friend kara for a few days & wandering around Seattle & eating all the food & doing all the shopping & catching up on edits!

big sur hotel guide

The last couple days, Nick & I got to stay at two very lovely properties during our Big Sur trip. Both had the most wonderful service & felt so cozy & luxurious. We loved our time there! If you're looking for two super unique places to stay in Big Sur, these are my first recommendations.

new york city

i've been out & about into some more US travel lately, & i got to head to NYC with my boyfriend to visit his best friends! we had the best 8 days & we ate SO MUCH amazing food, walked 5-6 miles a day & saw the prettiest things.

visit faroe islands

i was lucky enough to travel to the Faroe Islands during my trip around Europe! it was amazing. so much unexplored territory & sprawling acres of land that have remained untouched. apparently there are more sheep than people on the whole island.