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sam landreth x urban outfitters

sam landreth x urban outfitters

I'm so stoked to share all of the photos from this trip to Bend, Oregon with H Influencer Collective! These are definitely some of my new favorite shots. Also, super excited that Urban Outfitters sent me a bunch of cozy sweaters + a little Crosley speaker & they totally completed the weekend. You can purchase all of the items on their little corresponding photos below!

Check out this blog post for the photos that I took on the trip. :)

Some more photos from our first morning..

We made a pretty breakfast & took more pictures, of course!

we also had a candlelit dinner:

it was so pretty! it was super dark, though. hence the dark & grainy photos. there was literally no light in the cabin besides candles & like one lamp.

get the winky face pillow HERE.

hope you enjoyed the photos!


sam landreth x peter nappi

sam landreth x peter nappi

why i've never been happier

why i've never been happier