Portland Travel Guide

Portland Travel Guide


A city guide filled with tried-and-true local Portland favorites — nothing touristy!

  • Over the last 12 years, I’ve either lived in or have been regularly visiting Portland & love discovering new restaurants, coffee shops & happy hours + vintage shops around town.

  • Here are 48 of my most-loved spots — everywhere that I find myself at weekly & tell all of my out-of-town friends to check out!

  • The city is incredible for food, coffee, nature, creativity & so much more. I wanted to encapsulate that in one place & what better medium than a PDF travel guide you can look through on your phone at any point?

  • When visiting these shops or restaurants, you’re supporting a small/local business & somebody else’s dream!

  • 25 pages of content.

  • *Comes with bonus page, thrift guide!

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