SNL 01 - Sunset

SNL 01 - Sunset


SNL 01 is perfect for evening light & sunset photos! It adds a touch of pink & brightens & warms up your shots while still keeping details intact.

These presets are compatible with both RAW & JPEG images but are originally designed for RAW images. For the best results you will want to be editing well-lit, in-focus, high quality images that are evenly exposed. Shooting in RAW on your camera is always easiest to edit!

The presets will generally need a little tweaking to make them compatible with different camera settings + lighting scenarios. Watch my video tutorial on Youtube that shows how to tweak the presets on photos to make them unique + look how you want! These presets are perfect for travel + lifestyle photos like you see all over my Instagram & website!

*Must have access to a computer to download.

*No refunds are offered on digital products, since they aren’t able to be returned. Unlawful redistribution of any products under copyright of Samantha Landreth will be met with legal action.

Use #SamLandrethPresets on social media so I can check out your edits & feature you!

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