The Social Media Series – Travel with a Purpose

The Social Media Series – Travel with a Purpose


Travel with a Purpose: Making the Most of Travel to Grow Your Brand

Inside the guide: I've created an eBook that covers the ins & outs of traveling as a blogger/influencer! I dive into how I grew 5k to 100k followers organically in just a year, I share a shot list of brainstormed photo ideas, how I plan for trips on a budget, my favorite airport hacks, efficient items to pack, the importance of collaboration & more!

I've included two email templates for you to use — one for reaching out to brands & another for reaching out to hotels for collaborations.

*Must have access to a computer to download. Can be purchased on a mobile device but must first be downloaded on a computer to view.

*No refunds are offered on digital products since they're unable to be returned.

*Unlawful distribution of digital products created by Samantha Landreth will be met with legal action.

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meet sam!

When I was 18, I was living in a small town in Ohio; I had just dropped out of college & decided to pick up my life to move to Oregon with no job + no car + very little money to pursue photography full time. I had no back-up plan & nothing guaranteed my success.

Upon my move, I started to make things happen – with determination, sleepless nights & a packed calendar, I was able to build a portfolio, launch my photography business & grow in the social space. I grew my lifestyle Instagram account from 5k to 100k followers & my photography Instagram account from 0 to 50k followers organically in just a year which has led to countless opportunities! The work I put in at the beginning helped me build the life I’m able to live today.

I love sharing how I created a brand, began working with companies & how utilizing social media has allowed me to live a life where I’m excited to get to work each day: I’ve been able to cultivate my dream life in my dream city & travel the world working with my favorite brands + fellow creatives. I’m honored to share my insights & tips on getting started & making your own goals a reality! 


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