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You know when bloggers say "Hey, here's my free guide to ____" and you read it and find out that you just lost 20 minutes reading someone brag about why you need the other (paid) guides? Well, this isn't the case AT ALL. Sam REALLY shares her two cents on the industry and point out tips that really could have you started. It actually motivates me to buy her other guides after reading this one, but the funny thing is SHE DOESN'T EVEN ASK FOR IT! I'd recommend this guide to anyone wanting to hop on the blogger/influencer train. Great job Sam!

— S. Del Valle

I just wanted to send you a message that I read thru your guide & it was so well written & put together! You’ve always been an inspiration & someone I respected as a creative. So amazing to see you do this!

Molly F.

I love, love it! I’ve been struggling figuring out how to collaborate with more travel companies, so this came at the perfect time. Thank you!

— Samantha W.

“I've followed Sam & so many influencers for a while now, always thinking it'd be so cool to be able to do what they do, but never felt like I could actually do it: how, where to start, what to say. I just finished reading through Sam's Social Media Series Travel With a Purpose Guide & I'm ready to jump in. ALL THE WAY. Yipeeee!!!

Paige O.

Presets – Classic Pack

“Your presets are so lovely & have changed my life!! I’ve never used presets prior to now but it’s so much fun since I’m not necessarily a photographer, but I want to have a nice looking, cohesive feed. Branding is important and having your presets allows me to focus on other things in regards to my business rather than using my time trying to create an aesthetic in Lightroom and having consistency while editing. In short, thank you for your work!!”

Lydia M.