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PRESETS | Classic pack — FAQ


Can I see some before & afters of the presets? Absolutely! Scroll down & you'll find a bunch.

What is a preset? A preset is like a filter, it's what adds saturation, changes the temperature, exposure, contrast, etc. of a photo. These are the way that I edit all of the photos you see on my blog + social media! The presets add warmth + airy highlights & a bright film-inspired look to your photos.

There are 4 presets in the pack for 3 different lighting situations + a black & white option as well.

How do I use them? You can apply them to your photos in the Lightroom application on any computer that has a Lightroom subscription. Directions on how to install them + use them + troubleshoot come with the purchase. 


What camera settings should I be using to optimize the presets? These presets are compatible with both RAW & .JPG images but are originally designed for RAW images. For the best results you will want to be editing well-lit, in-focus, high quality images. Shooting in RAW on your camera is always easiest to edit! The presets will generally need a little tweaking to make them compatible with different camera settings + lighting scenarios. Watch my video tutorial that shows how to tweak the presets on photos to make them unique / look how you want! The Classic Pack presets are perfect for travel + lifestyle + everyday photos.

If you’d like to see what the presets look like on your photos, please send an email to my customer support team & we can do a few test edits for you.

Use #SamLandrethPresets on social media so I can check out your edits & feature you!


before & afters


SNL 01 is perfect for evening light & sunset photos! It adds a touch of pink & brightens up your shots while still keeping details intact.


SNL 02 is what I use on the majority of my photos! Perfect for a quick edit on even lighting & looks great with greens & just warms everything up a touch.


SNL 03 is my go-to for indoor shots. I love shooting inside but nothing's worse than yellow walls & awkward shadows that indoor lighting sometimes creates. This preset brightens everything up & takes away dim lighting & dark corners in photos.

SNL 04 – B&W

SNL 04 is one of my favorites because you can tweak it just slightly & get a huge variation in contrast. You can make it super defined & moody or light & airy!