Mobile Presets | Solstice Collection


Can I see some before & afters? +

Yes! Keep on scrolling down.

What is a preset? +

A preset is like a "filter" — it's what adds saturation, changes the temperature, exposure, contrast, & colors of a photo. These are the presets I use on any iPhone photo on my Instagram + blog. They add a warm film-inspired look to your photos.

How do I use these? +

You can apply them to your photos in the completely free Lightroom CC app on your phone. There is a tutorial included in the zip folder that explains installation + use. These presets are compatible with JPEG images. For the best results you will want to be editing well-lit, in-focus, high quality images. The presets will generally need a little tweaking to make them compatible with different settings + lighting scenarios. These presets are ideal for travel, lifestyle, food + everyday iPhone & JPEG photos.

How many presets are included? +

There are eight total presets. Four presets (Haze, Golden, Velvet, Blossom) each come with a version of itself that is specifically optimized for portraits.

Will the presets work with my photos? +

If you’d like to see what the presets look like on your photos, please send my customer support team an email with your sample photos & we can do a few test edits for you.


Before & Afters

The Solstice Presets were created to be incredibly versatile while remaining consistent in tone. These muted, warm colors add a film-inspired look to your photos & enhance everyday shots. Below you’ll see a collection of images edited with each preset to showcase the simple one-click edits & the differentiation between them all —


a few more Edits in various lighting scenarios