mobile PRESETS | classic pack — FAQ


Can I see some before & afters? Yes! Keep on scrolling.

What is a preset? A preset is like a filter, it's what adds saturation, changes the temperature, exposure, contrast, etc. of a photo. These are the presets I use on all of the iPhone photos you see on my Instagram + blog! The presets add warmth + airy highlights & a bright film-inspired look to your photos.

There are 4 presets in the pack for different looks & lighting situations.

How do I use them? You can apply them to your photos in the free Lightroom CC app on your phone. There is a video tutorial included in the zip folder that explains installation + use.

These presets are compatible with both RAW & JPEG images but are originally designed for JPEG images. For the best results you will want to be editing well-lit, in-focus, high quality images. The presets will generally need a little tweaking to make them compatible with different camera settings + lighting scenarios. Watch my video tutorial that shows how to tweak settings to make them unique / look how you want! The LR mobile app is super similar to the LR desktop app so you'll be able to implement these tips on mobile images. These presets are perfect for travel + lifestyle + everyday iPhone photos.

If you’d like to see what the presets look like on your photos, please send my customer support team an email & we can do a few test edits for you. 

Use #SamLandrethPresets on social media so I can check out your edits & feature you!

before & afters



SNL INDOOR is of course, perfect for indoor images. i love brightening & warming up indoor photos a touch while keeping whites neutral. it looks awesome on outdoor photos as well & pairs well with evenly-lit images.




SNL COOL is wonderful for enhancing natural colors both indoor & outdoor. it adds a punch to earth tones & calms down brighter colors!




SNL EVENING is a good one for that light that happens while the sun's setting. i like using it on photos in my apartment to enhance the shadows that come in during the evening & it's also perfect for bringing post-sunset photos back to life!




SNL WARM is a fun one to apply to objects that have loads of color like, say, that bouquet of flowers your boyfriend got you or that new manicure or a stack of books you're currently reading. i use this preset on most of my IG stories whenever i'm showcasing what i'm up to that day!