Digital Product Fine Print

Read on for important information regarding your purchase —

Which web browser should I use to download digital products? +

We recommend Google Chrome.

I'm on the fence about purchasing presets, what should I do? +

If you’d like to verify that any preset collection is a good fit for you, please send our Customer Support Team an email & we can do a couple test edits for you.

How do I begin using digital products? +

After downloading, double click on the zip folder to unzip it & read the Installation Instructions to learn how to begin using the product if applicable.

Can I purchase products on my mobile device? +

Yes. All products can be purchased on a mobile device but you must have access to a computer to download the files before use.

Should I download digital products right away? +

Yes. The download link will expire after 24 hours of purchase so please make sure to download in that time frame. Save a copy to your harddrive to verify continued access. If at any point you lose access, please reach out & we'll assist.

Is this purchase refundable for any reason? +

No refunds are offered on digital products as they are not able to be returned.

What is your redistribution policy? +

Unlawful redistribution of any digital products © Samantha Landreth LLC will be met with legal action.