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i can't wait to share guides + tips & tricks with you all. jump in below!


Portland City Travel Guide - COMING SOON

this guide is one of my most requested pieces of content! after spending a combined 6+ years in this beautiful city, i'd like to think i have a pretty good grip on where to eat + what to see & do. i love my home & i can't wait to share it with you! sign up below to learn when it launches.


Social Media - Secrets for Getting Started - COMING SOON

i am so thrilled to be releasing a set of social media guides! my first one will be free & include a bit of my story + how i got around to doing what i do for a living. my hope is that in sharing my story, i can encourage you to make your passion your day job as well. other fun topics that will be mentioned include: editing, maintaining a cohesive instagram feed, traveling on a budget, apps i use for my business, what to charge, and so much more! other individual guides will cover these topics + more in greater depth. these guides will be similar to photography workshop, but just from an influencer perspective. sign up below to learn when it launches!

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Sam Landreth Photo Workshop - AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE!

my photo workshop is one of my favorite things i've ever done or created! seeing my vision for this project come together was a total dream. i teach my techniques & show you how to create your own editing style amongst other business-related things! watch the trailer for it HERE. click "learn more" below to see a comprehensive list of all that the workshop covers & to purchase + get into the good stuff.