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The Social Media Series –– Travel with a Purpose

The Social Media Series –– Travel with a Purpose: Making the Most of Travel to Grow Your Brand. Inside the guide: I've created an ebook that covers the ins & outs of traveling as a blogger/influencer! I've included two email templates for you to use –– one for reaching out to brands & one for reaching out to hotels for collaborations. I've also added a shot list of brainstormed photo ideas, I share how i plan for trips on a budget, my favorite airport hacks, efficient items to pack for trips, the importance of collaboration & how I grew 5k to 100k followers organically in just a year.

sam landreth mobile presets

Sam Landreth Mobile Presets 

PRE-ORDER. You can currently pre-order my mobile preset pack! Launching mid-July. These presets are optimized for mobile use on the Lightroom CC app & will work best on .jpg images directly from your phone. The pack contains 4 presets for various lighting situations & will be similar in style to my desktop presets (think warm, bright, filmy). Directions for installation come with the purchase. Sign up below to learn when they launch!

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The Social Media Series –– My Essentials for Getting Started

IT'S FREE! This is the first of my series of social media guides! This one includes a bit of my story + how I got started making a full-time living as a blogger + influencer. My hope is that in sharing some of my journey, I can encourage you to make your passion your day job as well. Other topics that will be touched on will include: editing, maintaining a cohesive instagram feed, traveling, apps i use for my business, working with brands, & so much more! My other individual guides will cover these topics + more in greater depth. This first guide is free so that you can get a little preview!

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Preset Editing Tutorial

If you're interested to see how i edit with #SamLandrethPresets + what kind of tweaks I make for the presets to look best, I filmed a tutorial where I edit 12 different photos with my 4 available presets.

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Sam Landreth Presets

Lightroom Desktop Photo Editing Presets. What is a preset? A preset is like a filter, it's what adds saturation, changes the temperature, exposure, contrast, etc. of a photo. These are the presets I use on all of my images. They are warm + airy & there are several different ones for use in various lighting situations. How do I use them? You can use the desktop presets by applying them in the Lightroom application (which you have to download on your own) on your computer. Directions for installation them come with the purchase. You can watch my video tutorial that shows how to edit with the presets! Want individual presets? Check out my solo packs.

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Shop My Home + Closet

Wondering where I shop or where a certain piece is from? I have everything linked here! If it isn't linked, it's because it's sold out, thrifted, too old or not a part of the affiliate platform I use. For other related questions, head to my FAQ.