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The Social Media Series


This is the first of my series of social media guides! This one includes a bit of my story + how I got started making a full-time income as a photographer + blogger. My hope is that in sharing some of my story, I can encourage you to make your passion your day job as well. Other topics that are touched on include: editing, maintaining a cohesive instagram feed, traveling, apps i use for my business & working with brands! My other eBooks cover these topics + more in greater depth. This first guide is free so that you can get a little preview!


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My Favorite Apps


I put together a little key to the apps I use for laying out my Instagram stories & other favorites. This is one of my most commonly asked questions so I wanted you to have one place to grab a guide! Interested in seeing all of my favorites?

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Instagram Story Highlight Covers


Want some color-coordinated consistency on your profile? It’s the first thing that eyes on your feed are seeing, after all. Here are nine different story covers in the pink/mauve color family. Because best color, right? Comes with instructions on how to add them to your profile.


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My Top Five Photography Tips


I did a little poll on Instagram & asked you guys what freebie you’d like to see next. Photography tips from yours truly won over the results! Inside, you’ll find five simple tips that I’ve learned in regard to shooting, editing, posing & lighting over the last 5 years of professionally photographing for brands + other clients.