Paris, France | Day 5 & 6


Day 5 — April 1st

For breakfast & coffee — Honor Café. I came here last time I visited on a recommendation from a local & this time we got to have soft scrambled eggs, crumpets & jam. Delicious. Coffee was spot-on as well! It’s in the cutest little courtyard in a stunning area (Madeleine) — don’t miss this spot if you’re in Paris! They also have a sister restaurant named Neighbors. We really wanted to go but it was closed the rest of our trip. Next time!


From there, we went to The Louvre. Lord there was so much to see. I think I read on a pamphlet that if you spent 12 hours a day at The Louvre it would still take you several years to get through the entire thing & look at every piece of art. Saw the Mona Lisa & it was just a sea of cellphones pretty much. After that, we went to visit an Acne Studios shop in the 1st Arr. & then stumbled upon this installation that I’d inadvertently wanted to see.


Next, we made our way to The Hoxton. This interior, for real. Obsessed. Such a unique & open floor plan. Loved all the attention to detail here & the pretty coffee bar in the lobby —


They also had a sweet outdoor café area for wine & cheese plates. It was so nice to sit out there in the evening before dinner!

We finished out the day at Luxembourg Gardens, watching the sunset. Honestly could have spent hours here, it was such a dream. Definitely be sure to visit!


Dinner this evening consisted of a few small plates to share in the neighborhood of the Hoxton. We forgot to grab the name of it, but it was fun to walk around & find a spot based on the vibe.

Day 6 — April 2nd 

I got a chance to take a tour of my favorite sustainable french brand, Sezane, one morning before they opened. Such a beautiful space! Got to try on some favorites that I’d been fawning over online & it was so fun to visit a shop in real life. 


From there, we went to Fragments in the 3rd Arr. Loved this little spot. Would definitely come here all the time if I lived in Paris. The avocado toast was impeccable as was Nick’s scone & jam!

We need more scones & jam in the states, people. Convinced we’d be better as a society if we did more things that English & Parisian people do. 


Afterwards, we stumbled into a quaint, beautiful art gallery & admired some art, had some coffee at Ob-La-Di, kicked around town a bit more, window-shopped, & then we had dinner.


Truly a serendipitous experience. 

I stumbled upon a blog online sharing the name of this restaurant — Prosper et Fortunee. It’s a tiny kitchen with seating for 14 & a Michelin star chef preparing a 9-course tasting menu for 55 euro a person + wine by the bottle or glass. The chef’s name is Eric Lévy & he was preparing only pescatarian dishes that evening which worked out very well for us. We called in the afternoon & managed to get the last table (out of 4 tables) for the evening. Seating was at 8:45pm & we left after midnight.

I can’t stress enough what a magical experience this was. I imagine we’ll go back every time we go back to Paris!


It was such an intimate gathering & we were the only English-speaking people in the room. We got some time at the end to chat with Eric & I mentioned that it was about to be Nick’s birthday (at midnight) & he goes, “why didn’t you tell me until now?!” & makes his way to the light switch, turns off the lights & goes back to his station to grab a tiny pastry. He sticks some candles in it & brings it over on a plate & has the whole room sing happy birthday to him in French. It was absolutely precious. 

10/10 experience, will most definitely be back next time around.

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