Paris, France | Day 1 & 2


Day 1 — March 28th

I thought it’d be helpful for purposes of sharing where we ate, stayed & what we did each day to break up the trip into a few different blog posts!

I hit Matamata for coffee after I got in. Visited this spot last time I was here & it’s still a favorite! 

I walked around the neighborhood, grabbed some fries at Mersea & took a few iPhone photos.


As far as the rest of the first day goes, this was when we got engaged which I wrote a whole sentimental chronicle about our relationship if you’re interested!

After we got engaged & whatnot, we went to Buvette to celebrate with our friend Andy & my SIL to-be, Maresa. We’d heard great things about it & it was about as quaint & delicious as it was talked up to be. Such a sweet setting with only a handful of tables, small plates to share & a nice drink menu. 

Only managed to get a couple dimly-lit photos but I think these encapsulate the vibe pretty well.

We weren’t super hungry so we got a bowl of marinated carrots, toast with chevre/honey & a shepherd’s pie mashed potato situation. The whole day pretty much felt like a movie & that topped it all off. We meant to make it there for brunch as well but it slipped our minds — definitely would recommend this spot! 

After that, we went to a jazz bar in an underground cave. It was a neat / unique experience watching people swing-dance in a small room in a cave, haha. It was about 13 euros to get in so if you’re into that kind of thing I’d recommend it, if not, wouldn’t say it was an essential part of the trip or anything, but it was cool to see, haha.

That was about it for the first night there! 


Day Two — March 29th

Andy had an early flight out in the morning & then Maresa, Nick & I all went to 5 Pailles. 

Not an idea lighting situation for food photography per usual, but listen — I had pancakes with sunny-side up eggs, avocado, jalapeno jam & fried onions on top. We all had good filter coffee & cappuccinos. Definitely recommend this spot for breakfast and/or coffee! Sitting outside would have been prime here, too.

We made it to The Centre Pompidou Museum & couldn’t have possibly seen half of the art if we spent all day there. After a few hours we opted to come back another day & see more.

the centre pompidou


We stayed at Hotel DeNell & it was a lovely experience all around. It’s located on the prettiest, most quiet street in an ideal location with so much attention to detail. The bathtub in the room was amazing & the view from the balcony couldn’t have been more gorgeous. Definitely try to stay here if you can! 


These interiors here were incredible —


That night for dinner, we went to Frenchie. This restaurant owns an entire block of restaurants & you can’t really go wrong going to any of them. 

We shared an asparagus / cream / egg situation & a dish of marinated vegetables + squid & raw fish. For dessert, we had a banana cream mousse / ice cream dish that actually changed our life. I’m not doing these dishes any justice describing them this way so I’m linking the website so you can take a look at the menu.

We ate dinner every night around 10:30pm so there wasn’t really a way to take good photos but you get the idea!

That’s all for the first two days of the trip. Day 3 & 4 are linked below :)


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