Vitruvi | Skincare + Diffuser


hello, hello! i’m elated to share about this wonderful company with you today — have you heard of vitruvi? read on ↓ 


before i dive in, you can use this code valid for $10 on oils, a diffuser, etc! don’t sleep on that.

vitruvi has the most beautiful diffusers (which you may recognize them for) & such an encouraging mission: they offer 100% pure, organic, free-of-filler oils that are built by & designed for women!

i love finding new ways to add to my non-toxic living + skincare routines at home so these oils are such a treat. i’ll be releasing some non-toxic DIYs featuring their oils in the coming months that i’m v excited about. read about the quality & pricing of their oils here.

i really love that they partner with One Girl Can: for every woman employed at vitruvi, they fund a young woman’s university education in Kenya. (more info on that right here.) so amazing to see this company positively impacting the world in so many ways! 

here are some fave items: stone diffuser | essential bundle | wake mist | sleep roll-on | lavender oil | pacific blend | bergamot oil |

i especially love the “wake mist” & “sleep roll-on.” i keep them on my nightstand & use the corresponding ones to help wind down at night or get started with my day in the morning!


as for the skincare routine —

if you have seen or talked to me in the last month for even a few minutes, chances are i’ve talked your ear off about how the dynamic skincare routine has actually changed my skin.

basically, you take a quick test and they give you a custom formula of oils to put together your own serum for morning/night. my combo consists of hemp seed, geranium, rosehip & evening primrose oils. it’s completely eliminated redness & i haven’t broken out since. seriously! i pair it with my favorite all-natural face wash & i’m honestly amazed at how smooth my skin has been for weeks on end.

let me know if you try it! i’m obsessed.


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