visit faroe islands

i was lucky enough to travel to the Faroe Islands during my trip around Europe! it was amazing. so much unexplored territory & sprawling acres of land that have remained untouched. apparently there are more sheep than people on the whole island!

if you ever get the chance to fly in, absolutely do it! it's something that you can see over the course of three days & you don't need much longer than that. small island but so much to see!

Etika sushi was definitely our favorite spot for food there. other than that, we found some fish & chips at a small shack-like spot & then ate food from the grocery store. 

we stayed right in town & were walking distance to shops & restaurants. it was a solid central location — would definitely recommend it! 

the hiking & sightseeing there was BREATHTAKING. here are some of the hikes & views available. all totally worth the effort. it was super cloudy our entire trip there but i have to imagine that sunset at these spots would be truly magical. maybe one day i'll go back in the summer! 

here are some of my photos from the trip in partnership with Visit Faroe Islands.

all photos of me are by my friend Sam Elkins!