Move-In Living Room Tour


Early this Summer, we found a new space in one of our favorite neighborhoods in Portland. We took off for a month in New York & San Francisco immediately after moving in & finally got a start on unpacking + decorating at the end of June!

We’re still waiting on a kitchen table, a desk to place over by the windows, some side tables in the bedroom & a credenza for a tv in the living room, also a tv — but it’s all coming together. What with work & wedding planning, non-essential apartment assets have taken the backburner & will likely continue to, haha.

To start, my couch is from Joybird. I chose the Lewis Sofa

Their furniture is mid-century inspired & made to order. They also plant a tree with each purchase! For instance, 6 trees are planted with the purchase of a sofa & 8 trees are planted with the purchase of a credenza.


For the couch, we chose the color Merit Snow with Mocha, cylinder legs. Absolutely love the way it looks in the space. We actually chose it before we knew where our new apartment would be, so it was a bit of a shot in the dark, but it couldn’t be more fitting.

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As far as smaller details go, I’ve found so much value in shopping for vintage pieces that add character to a room. I’m sure that a family in the 1960s once danced around their living room to vinyl, grabbing their favorites from this holder time & time again. There’s just something special about that.

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We’ve chosen to accent the couch with oatmeal + white linens & pillows. It’s so inviting —

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Furthering my testament to vintage shopping, I found this bar cart at a vintage lighting store out on the sidewalk for $20. We’re thinking of painting the white trays a different matte color, but the white is definitely growing on me. What do you think?

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That’s the Odell Mirror.

It’s super substantial in size & adds the illusion of more space being in the back corner of the room.

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One more thing I love about Joybird — the factory’s employees receive competitive pay rates, full medical benefits as well as access to on-site treatment facilities (as they should!) Very in on companies who care about their employees & the planet.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Joybird. All opinions are my own.