sunflower fields forever

a true story! alivia's friend came across a random sunflower field the other day but he said he didn't remember where it was. i've been wanting to find a sunflower field in Oregon forever but have never seen anyone post a photo of one, so when i saw this, i was determined to find one!

i googled about Oregon sunflower fields & found some Flickr & Reddit threads from literally 9 - 10 years ago. there was one thread talking about a sunflower field wedding venue out in the backroads of the city. the website hasn't been updated since 2008, but sure enough, there were wedding photos displayed at a sprawling sunflower field close to home.

the wedding photos were credited to a photographer who is still in business so i sent him an email asking if somehow, he possibly remembered where this wedding from 10 years ago was held. he literally replied to me within two hours with an address for the field. we half expected to show up & see a vacant lot due to how much time has passed since then, but sure enough, we arrived & this is what we found!