September Re-Cap


hi hi! yay for monday!

Nick & i have been talking about how last year at this time we were going a million miles a minute & how this year, it’s totally the opposite. last summer/fall looked a lot like back-to-back cross-country trips, non-stop flights & uber rides & photoshoots!

we spent the summer flying back & forth to see each other in Oregon & Texas, then in August we went right from NYC to CLE to ATL then back to PDX, road-tripped around the state thru September, then in October we went to an antique festival in southern Texas, then to San Francisco from there, then to Big Sur, then I went to Seattle, then we met in Dallas & drove to Marfa, Texas for my birthday (one of our fave trips of all time!) in November. from there, we flew to LA & then proceeded to do all of the holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years eve – back & forth from Dallas to Portland to San Francisco.

& this year we’re not doing any of that 😂 after Nick moved here in April, we did Amsterdam, LA, Ohio, Hawaii & Ecuador throughout the Summer. in comparison to last year, that was all pretty lowkey! now that we live in the same city, there’s less of a need to fly around the country/world at a million miles an hour! thankful for alllllll of that though.

this month, we had some great friends in town – headed out toe Hawks View winery, went camping at the coast with some other wonderful friends, shot some photos downtown & have been getting a LOT of work done lately! can’t wait to share some new projects that i / we have been working on :) if you made it through this whole post, you a real one.

have a lovely week! you can shop my outfits here.