Adorama | My Photo Journey


hello hello! i'm working with Adorama to share how they help provide me with the tools to take better photos and create what I envision :)

Adorama offers camera rentals, lens rentals, online photography learning courses & of course cameras + lenses for purchase. Overall, just a great go-to resource for all things photography-related.

I specialize in fashion blogging + portrait & wedding photography. My photo website is here if you've never seen that side of my work! I do a pretty equal mix of being on both sides of the camera & in this post I'm going to share some of my favorite photos I've taken as a part of my portfolio & some of my favorites that have been taken of me, on my camera for blogging.

There are so many options of cameras if you're just starting out! It can be overwhelming at times. Adorama is amazing because they allow photographers to rent out gear & see what best fits their aesthetic before they buy! Also just an awesome one-stop-shop for photographers who are familiar with what they're purchasing:

I first started out with a Pentax K-r my freshman year of high school, then graduated to a Canon Rebel T3 my junior year of high school. My senior year, I made the jump to full frame & got a Canon 5D. About a year & a half later after borrowing & renting 5D Mark IIs & IIIs for a bit, I decided to buy a Canon 5D Mark III. & that's what I still shoot on! It's my favorite camera I've had thus far & I bring it with me everywhere. Each camera I picked based on their reviews online & reviews from photographers I found on the internet. There wasn't a huge process in choosing them. I think that starting out, whatever gear you have is the best camera for you. Just getting good at the craft & upgrading as time passes was essential to me.

& now for a collection of some of my favorite images! Xo

ones i have taken on my Mark iii:

ones taken of me on my Mark iii:

hope you enjoyed the photo sets! best of luck out there as you keep creating. #ad