Leopard Print & 3 Photo Tips


Leopard print always makes a comeback. Or it never really left. I feel like I’ve been wearing it on & off since I was little & I’m always happy when I find a tasteful new piece in leopard print.

It’s been a while since something on the bolder side has been added to my closet but I’m so glad it’s this skirt! Click on any of the images to shop.


It also comes in several other prints + patterns, and I feel like it’s the perfect length!

Love it with a top tucked in & love it with a sweater over top.


I wanted to share a couple quick photo tips regarding locations + posing!

  1. Find new + interesting spots to shoot during your everyday routine. If you have a daily commute (or if you’re driving around during the day), take different routes & look for interesting walls, neon signs, pretty trees or colorful flower bushes on the side of the road. Take a mental note & add it to a note on your phone or drop a pin on your maps app later on to save the spot & come back to it!

  2. If you’re tired of the same poses, try these ideas:

    • Walking back & forth & then pausing in the middle of the frame dramatically to create movement in your outfit/hair.

    • Walk around in slow motion with exaggerated body movements.

    • Make movements quickly — spin in circles, skip through the frame, exaggerate movements with props (if you’re holding a purse, backpack, bouquet, etc). The camera will catch some more interesting shots than you originally planned for!

  3. Try shooting from angles you wouldn’t normally use. Most of the time I have an idea for a shot, after executing the original idea, we try a bunch of other angles / poses & I end up liking those more than what I had concepted at the beginning.

Hope that these quick tips were helpful & can be put to use in your next shoot!



Also, click here to check out all that Reformation has to offer! You can read about all of their factories, sustainability practices & more here. More sizes of this skirt in stock over at Nordstrom.


Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy any of the products I refer to & promote. All opinions are my own!