q & a

oops, totally forgot to post the answers to the q & a that i announced on instagram recently. but here it is -- better late than never!

what camera do you use?

i use a 5D Mark iii!

how do you edit your photos?

i like VSCO + RedLeaf Studios & i use Lightroom :)

how did you build a following?

tbh i do not have a massive following or anything, but basically just posting good & consistent work attracts people to an account. there's no real magic recipe for it -- i guess that's all i've got!

what makes freelancing full time worth it? was it scary?

kind of! it's intense being young & fully financially responsible & having to do everything for yourself. but it's also incredibly liberating. i love being able to do what i love when i love & being able to fully control how much of it i do & when i do it! nothing about it ever gets old.

how are your new years resolutions coming?

haha, i do not make them! they have never really worked for me. i set goals whenever i feel necessary but that's about it.

what are your goals for 2017?

my goals are to get my own apartment by next August, make alllll the new friends & visit another country. grow in community in portland. help people however i can. then some other minor ones regarding my business & such!

those were most of the main / common questions but feel free to leave a comment with anything else you'd like an answer to!

much love!