We're Getting Married!


Paris — a real dream of a city.


I’ve been so full of nostalgia & everything feels so sentimental & I love that this story begins in multiple ways, in Paris.

I share this story mostly because I believe that real love does exist & that even when you least expect it, a person can show up in your life & change everything for you so rapidly. 

They can bring you into their world; introduce you to some of your favorite friendships, experiences & perspectives & become your greatest friend.. It’s such a beautiful thing & I love how our story goes.

I was reading through mine & Nick’s first texts to each other the other day from after we’d first met — he finished a message with “we better stay in touch!” 

It’s so funny to look back & read a text from your fiancé using a business-casual term to describe hopefully seeing each other again. 

Guess we stayed in touch.

Through a year of long-distance & a year of short distance, I just couldn’t be happier that it’s him.

I’ve never met another man that lights up every room he walks into, makes everyone feel included + welcome, is full of so many genuine compliments to freely give, will make time for anyone who needs it, works as hard as he does & has so many revolutionary dreams for the future whether that’s through art or personal goals or business endeavors. I’m so thankful for the person that he is.

In April of 2017, Nick & I met in Portland. He was living in Texas at the time & helped a friend move up to Portland by way of a 3-day cross-country road trip. While he was in town, he was hanging out with a mutual friend of ours...

Our friend Laura is essentially Queen Matchmaker & very subtly told each of us about one another. She’d posted a video of him on Instagram that piqued my interest & within the day, Nick reached out— kindly introducing himself as Laura’s friend— asking for coffee shop recommendations in the city so I gave him my list & invited myself to show him around if he had any free time.

Spoiler alert: he happened to have some free time.

Of course, I had no idea that he was already familiar + a fan of every third wave coffee shop in Portland & that was just a clever intro / probably a way to see what coffee I was into, haha.

So we met up the next day at Heart and I was so nervous that my lip was shaking. *Ask me later for tips on playing it cool. Something about him felt so different right away & I knew that I would miss him when he was gone & I had barely even spoken to him yet.

Just one of those things.

At the time we met, I was at home for a few days sandwiched in between two back-to-back trips to Europe. I’ll forever be astonished at the odds of us even meeting at all, but it’s clear that it was supposed to happen— even against the odds & the jet lag.

We spent the afternoon together walking around a park that we now love, exchanging life stories & then meeting up the following day with Laura & our friend Abby for drinks, ice cream & a movie.


(These are photobooth photos from this night. Very few things make me happier than the fact that we have actual photos from the day after we met.)

And let us never forget Laura & Abby telling us they “wanted to sit on the floor & that it was fine if we just sat on the couch” in Laura’s living room, an inch+ apart from each other, feeling actual electricity. I remember wondering if it was just me.

Turns out it wasn’t.

After the movie ended, I drove him back to his Airbnb, we said goodnight & he thanked me for hanging out during his brief time in Portland.

After we were both tucked in for the night, we later confessed that the first thing we each did were look up flights — me to Dallas & him looking to book one back to Portland.

I woke up to a text that next morning— Nick was thanking me again for a lovely time & told me that he left something for me in my car.

I remember my heart racing as I power-walked outside in my pajamas & picked up the sweetest little enamel pin of a rose that I’d commented on the night before.

I’ll be bold & say I knew right then. The sweetest, simplest gesture that held so much weight.

The non-stop texting & phone calls subsequently began & I headed out for London + Paris a couple days later.

While in Paris, I sat in my hotel room & said something about booking a plane ticket to Dallas for two months from then, after I’d be home from a bit more crazy travel that I’d had previously booked. I went for it & bought the ticket & that evening in Paris, it all began.

I’ll throw in a few photos from our first few days together in Dallas just for the mems:


Fast-forward two years —give or take a week— & we got engaged here : )

Truly didn’t see it coming & it was the happiest, sweetest surprise for so many reasons —


After about 3 days of not sleeping at night & 20 hours of travel, I arrived in Paris at 8am. I was fairly exhausted & Nick had a car waiting for me. Like, a man standing with a sign at the airport when I got through customs.

It didn’t take me by surprise because Nick’s the most thoughtful individual & he’d do something like that pretty much at any point just because. My driver took me straight to my hotel & my room was ready very early which was such a blessing!

I slept for about 5 hours & then started getting ready as Nick was supposed to get in around 5pm. I hadn’t seen him for a week since he’d been in Berlin with our friend Andy before he came to meet me in Paris.

He’d sent his flight number & a photo from the tarmac & it didn’t look like anything was delayed. I was waiting to hear from him on a game plan for after he got in but figured he was dealing with customs & everything.

There was a knock on my hotel door & I as I opened it up, I witnessed the biggest bouquet of flowers I think I’ve ever seen. I immediately noticed a piece of what looked like Nick’s notebook paper that he always writes notes for me on, tucked inside.

As I brought it into my room & pulled out the note, it was indeed from Nick with the day’s date on it. I instantly began to wonder how he got a note there — did he mail it in advance? He must have, right?

It had a few brief instructions & told me to meet him at an address about an hour before sunset that was about a 20 minute walk from the hotel. I still had a couple hours so I took my time getting ready & wrapped up some work, then headed out.

As I walked, I wondered what was about to happen but couldn’t be sure of anything. It was so beautiful out — the sun was setting, it was warm, each street I walked down was prettier than the next.

That last ten minutes of the walk I began to get a little bit more nervous as I routed to this random address that didn’t seem to be marked as a restaurant or a shop or anything. I didn’t really know where I was going to end up & I remember starting to shake a little bit as I reached the last 100m of the walk & as I looked up, there was our friend Andy.

He was leaning up against a wall & I was fairly dumbfounded as I got to him. I think I asked him what he was doing in Paris because as far as I knew, he flew back home to Dallas the day before.

He gave me a hug & lead me through a doorway & told me some numbers to punch into a lockbox. Definitely was shaking/sweating at this point if I wasn’t before.

I opened the last door in the hallway & there was a staircase lined with tea candles.

Andy told me which door to walk into & I rounded a corner, down a hallway, into the most beautiful room full of candles, flowers & champagne.

As I stepped into the room, cameras started going off & suddenly Nick was there & he was taking my coat from me & leading me into the center of the room…


He said a handful of very logical, sweet things & by the time he was on one knee, I was on the floor too. I think I was hugging him as he was asking me.


Truly was so shocked. There were some resounding cheers coming from the corner of the room & it turns out Maresa, my SIL to-be was there taking the photos. That’s a whole story too, but basically all of this has been in the works since December & Maresa had been planning to be in Paris the entire time & had to keep it a surprise.

Never would have known. She kept it so casual & so did everyone else who knew! Seriously cannot believe I had no idea leading up to this.

Maresa even saw me in the airport because her flight was leaving from the gate next to mine. She was three people in front of me in the Pre-check line but I didn’t even see her.

Nick & her had also gotten to Paris a full day before me to get everything ready & had researched a flight number to send me & the pictures from the tarmac were from Nick’s flight the day before & was all part of the plan to throw me off.

Truly the most well-executed surprise of all time, in my opinion. I love these people so much!

Also, what an actual dream of a first day in Paris. It all sounds like a movie thinking back to it, & it might as well have been.

Very stoked for forever with the loveliest person I’ve ever met. ♥︎


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