Organic Undies All The Way


After exclusively wearing Knickey for the last three weeks, I can conclusively say that they’re my favorite underwear I’ve ever worn.

I initially reached out to Knickey because I love their mission & after I’d done a bit of personal research on organic cotton vs. conventional cotton, I really wanted to try them out! 


So glad that I did.


They’re really so much softer & more comfortable than any past pairs & I plan to switch to all organic cotton undergarments & ditch all of my old things.

Good news: Knickey has a recycling program! This way, your old undies won’t end up in the landfill, emitting toxic chemicals into the earth as they decompose. (Heavy, right?)


Knickey is free of toxins & carcinogens that are typically found in traditional underwear.

A little snippet from their site that I love:

“Now you may be thinking, “organic cotton . . . really?” We know. Somewhere on the way to Whole Foods, between helicopter moms and hefty price-tags, “organic” lost its cool. Granola hippies, overpriced produce, greenwashing (ugh, the worst). Organic cotton is better for your body, the environment, and all the people who produce it.”

Chart via Knickey’s website.

Chart via Knickey’s website.

They have such an impactful commitment to social responsibility & I love it. Read about their supply chain here. Each of their factories are Fair Trade Certified which is also amazing — if you’d like to read about what that looks like & means for employees of the factories, I visited several Fair Trade Certified farms in Ecuador this summer & wrote about it here!


Even their packaging is made with recycled content, post-consumer waste & low impact inks. + their boxes are produced by FSC-certified suppliers who prioritize the preservation of natural ecosystems and prevent deforestation.


Overall, Knickey’s committed to leaving the fashion industry better than they found it & I just think that’s the best. It’s rare & it’s real & so necessary.

I’m truly such an advocate for this company & I highly recommend that you try them out for yourself!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Knickey. All opinions are my own!