all-natural beauty favorites

hi hi!

lately, something i've been learning so much about is non-toxic skincare & what kind of chemicals are in the products we're using every day. think your face wash, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, home cleaners, dish soap, etc. in this video, i share my favorite natural products for skin care & some cleaning product alternatives! 

there are so many scary hormones, toxins & carcinogens in our every day products & my favorite way to fins out what's inside what i'm using is the Think Dirty app. it allows you to scan products & find out how it holds up! 

then i like to do a lot of my shopping at Thrive Market. Here's 25% off your first orderAlmost everything purchased in this video & all my regular faves can be purchased there. They also have amazing food / snack options & so many other alternative items! Don't sleep on this site, it's seriously the best.

enjoy the video & let me know what your fave products are & if you've tried any!