A Note to 15 Year-Old Me...


spring is still in full bloom in portland & i love it! so happy that i live here always. i met up with my friend alivia & we wandered around my neighborhood looking for some flowers to shoot with & we stumbled upon these!

here are some words from my last post on insta:

if i could tell my 15 year old self anything, it would be to keep doing what i loved & getting good at it, despite others’ opinions. ✨

i think we all still struggle with this, but especially when you’re in high school & you like fashion or taking photos (or one of a thousand other things) & girls talk about you behind your back or make fun of you on the internet — it could be your job one day! that’s what’s so wonderful about the era we’re living in, opportunities are endless.

i was never the greatest at schoolwork & just wanted to be out photographing & traveling & writing words. if i would have known back then that i could make a living out of all my favorite things, i would have had a much easier time with others reactions. 
but that’s the beauty in it! that you have no way of knowing what will come. ✨

if you’re feeling like people don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, it’s okay — because you’ll be perfecting your craft & they can just make their remarks. and you can ultimately cultivate the life you want for yourself & that will be so rewarding. ✨

👋🏼🍾 -

do you relate to this? where are you at on this? in high school + just figuring this out — wishing you heard it sooner, or finding yourself in the same place that i am? let me know in the comments!

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