5 Min. All-Natural Makeup Routine


let's talk skincare! use code: sam for 15% off all Rejuva products!

taking care of my skin over the years has been such a rollercoaster. i have always had breakouts + redness on my face & have tried just about every makeup brand out there & have never been 100% satisfied with the results i've gotten. you feel me?! it can be such a struggle!

i stumbled upon Rejuva Minerals recently & really wanted to try it out. i've been using each product every day for the last few weeks or so, because i never wanna share anything that i haven't tried out & genuinely loved. & let me tell you — i LOVE it. i've never used a better foundation or blush before & i haven't had a single breakout in weeks — i used to get one or two a day while using my old makeup routine.

each product stays on all day, looking just as good as it did when you put it on in the morning. the coverage feels natural & allows your skin to breathe & simply enhances your features. all ingredients are organic + mica & titanium dioxide free. i believe that all of their products score a 0 on the Think Dirty app (which we all know i love & use almost every day!) - p.s. if you don't have the app, download it & scan all of your beauty, cleaning, hair & bath products! learn what chemicals & toxins are in your everyday use items. it's so important to be aware & to avoid filling your home & body with dyes, hormones & chemicals!

here's everything i have + love & how i use it! 

a youtube video is coming soon that will include a tutorial where i apply the whole look :)

also! learn about all my fave non-toxic products in general HERE.

samlandreth-nontoxic makeup.jpg

step 1: prime

Rejuva doesn't have a primer, so i have been using this one from Pacifica! it moisturizes, primes & illuminates skin. it makes the perfect base for Rejuva's foundation!


step 2: foundation

like i said before, this is my favorite foundation i've ever used! it's so creamy & has a matte look so i don't look or feel like i need to apply powder to my face afterwards. it leaves a natural glow & glides onto your face super effortlessly. this is called Buttercream Flawless Finish Cream Foundation.

samlandreth-nautral makeup

step 3: bronze

i like to do a little contour under my cheekbones to add some definition. this is a super soft color & isn't a heavy/harsh bronze. it looks so natural! it's called Bronzer Pressed Powder in Glow.


step 4: brows

you guys! this color is so pigmented. it's crazy. in a good way! i used to use the Anastasia brow color that's in a little container like this & i could never get any color from it. i always had to get my brush wet to see some pigmentation. a little goes a long way with this one & it has a slight auburn tint. this is the Brazilian Brow Eyeshadow/Liner/Brow.


step 5: blush

so obsessed with this blush! it's so pigmented. it looks like a really light pink/white but you only need the tiniest swipe of it to get a great natural color. it's super gentle looking & wonderful! This is the Acai Berry Blush.

if you wanna get any of these, use code: sam for 15% off! seriously such a good deal. expires 12.31.18.