Healthy Morning Routines


when i sat down at the end of december & listed off goals + dreams for 2019, one of my biggest prioritizes was creating a morning routine that i love & am super immersed in! one that i long for when i’m away from home & one that i wake up looking forward to each day.

i’ve been reading up on ideal ways to jumpstart your morning & thought i’d make a post all about it!

  1. start with bedtime — have a specific book to read each night, essential oils (i’ve started using a sleep + wake roller as a part of my routine), yoga, nighttime teas + meditation podcasts to ease your mind before falling asleep. going to sleep with a clear head + calm body will make it easier to get up in the morning without feeling out of it.

  2. place your phone on ‘do not disturb’ in the evening & let it charge overnight in another room. this will help eliminate distractions, blue light & the urge to grab it! i picked up a good old fashioned alarm clock last year & plan to reimplement it as opposed to my phone alarms.

  3. make gratitude your first thought upon waking up. this one is huge! training your mind to be thankful for all that’s going on in your life + the fact that you get to wake up & enjoy another day is all you need to set the tone for the day. prayer, mediation & thankfulness go a long way. here’s a study on that!

  4. surround yourself with happy things — keep things nearby that will motivate you to jump out of bed. keep a cozy robe or pair of slippers next to your bed, wear comfy pajamas, reach for a morning blend of essential oils or start your diffuser up.

  5. have a large class of water (sometimes with added supplements — here’s my favorite right now), & a healthy, filling breakfast followed by exercise, reading or a mediation app.

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what i love about setting a morning routine is that it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming – you can pick + choose elements to add to it each day & ultimately do what’s best for starting off your day in the healthiest way that you can.

excited to cultivate this routine for myself as the year goes on. let me know if you have anything that makes your mornings more enjoyable, i’d love to hear!


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