Mexico City w/ Aeromexico + PDX Airport


at the beginning of the month, i got to head to Mexico City in partnership with AeroMexcio & the Portland International Airport!

if you've never been before, add it to your list! it was super fun for a little three-day trip. the weather was LOVELY & we had lots of great food & coffee. nick is my personal coffee aficionado & scouts out all of the third-wave places in every city. we like to make maps of all our favorite spots in cities to share with friends, so here is the one we put together from MEX!  

i got to shoot for Go Summersalt while i was there :) i love their suits so much! & they are eco friendly & meant to last under hikes & sand & weather. they're super durable & comfy & there are so many styles to choose from. the best!

& i got to take my cute Vinta bag with me! it's small & perfect for a short trip. i was able to pack my 2015 macbook pro, canon 5d mk iii, canon 24-70mm, batteries, charger, CF card reader, hard drive, wallet, passpost & hand sanitizer in the back zipped compartment, & a few cough drops & tissues in the front pocket. my water bottle is a foldable plastic kind that was able to clip on the side clip ring, but wouldn't fit in the pocket when full. so the smaller the better for this bag!

i would have liked to be able to fit a book or a notebook in it as well, but fortunately for a three day trip this was all i needed! if you're looking for a good weekender-trip-type-of-a-bag, i would recommend the Vinta for sure!

all photos for all campaigns are below!