Chicago w/ McDonald's


hi! (this blog post is sponsored by McDonald’s.)

whenever i hear about companies with so much influence making positive changes, i always get chills. it’s my favorite thing to see people with resources taking action in any way they can to make conditions better for others.

i was so happy to spend a day in Chicago hearing about McDonald’s sustainability practices!


by supporting farmers, their communities & their land, McDonald’s is using its size and scale to help ensure a sustainable future for coffee & the health of our planet. climate change is adversely affecting coffee production & its farming communities— farmers who depend on coffee for their livelihood are struggling with the realities of climate change. in order to help farms thrive, McDonald’s is investing in tools to help sustain farmers’ land & livelihood.


through the McCafé Sustainability Improvement Platform (SIP), McDonald’s is able to know the farmers who produce coffee in SIP programs and help ensure training, resources and support are tailored to their specific growing regions.


they created a coffee farm in this walk-through experience in chicago! we got to take a look at coffee plants, beans & order a coffee at the bar.


coffee is a crop that is highly vulnerable to rising temperatures — a study from The Climate Institute showed that climate change has the potential to cut the world’s coffee growing area in half. (crazy, right!?) McDonald’s is working to ensure a sustainable future for coffee.


since 2012, through McCafé SIP and Technoserve, McDonald’s coffee training programs have helped almost 20,000 farmers implement sustainable coffee-growing practices ranging from reforestation to water quality so they can continue to steward their land and ensure a sustainable supply of coffee.


84% of all McCafé coffee served in U.S. restaurants & 54% of all McCafé coffee worldwide is sustainably sourced; & by 2020, 100% of McCafé coffee worldwide will be sustainably sourced, with some markets having already reached that goal..


by supporting sustainable coffee production through Conservation International’s Sustainable Coffee Challenge, McDonald’s is helping to rehabilitate farms, map + monitor forests & promote other positive agricultural practices that improve the future of coffee in the face of climate change.

i’m super excited for the future of coffee & proud that McDonald’s is making so many fantastic commitments to better the earth & livelihoods of so many!


bonus photo: we had the chance to taste the coffee in its initial state & pull tasting notes. overall — such a wonderful experience!