Marfa, texas | Road Trip Details


Hello hello!

Nick & I headed off on a dreamy road trip to Marfa, Texas for my birthday a few days ago — we got to spend a solid 3 days in town & it was the amazing.

It was full of art installations, independent shops, camper vans, stucco houses & eclectic airbnbs.

You can fly into Midland for a short drive, El Paso for a 3 hour drive or Dallas for a 9 hour drive.

I would recommend a visit to anyone who appreciates architecture, history, food, art & wants experience a town a bit differently. It really felt like a movie set!

We really enjoyed venturing in our Toyota Highlander. It was a 2017 Hybrid & made cruising on the highway effortless. It had advanced cruise control, lane departure notifications, let you set the distance you wanted to be from the cars in front of you, and the car would break for you & speed back up after it would slow for another car entering a lane or for a slow down on the highway.

Truly the most ideal road trip car! We noted how stress-free we felt after arriving in town. It was the easiest 9 hour drive in this car.

Here are some photos from the trip —

We made it to Monahands State Park for sunset on the way & the sky was on fire. Such a beautiful first night!

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