Marfa | Road Trip W/ Toyota


Hi guys! Nick & I headed out on a fun roadtrip to Marfa, TX for my birthday a few days ago — We got to spend a good three days there & it was the best. Marfa was honestly one of the coolest towns we've ever been to! It's full to the brim with art installations & teepees & stucco houses & decked out RVs & the coolest boutique hotels. 

If you're super far away, you can fly into Midland & it's a short drive from there. I would definitely recommend this town to anyone who appreciates food, architecture, art & wants to see something different from normal tourist spots. It all feels like a movie set & was so fun to explore!

We loved venturing in our Toyota Highlander. It was a 2017 Hybrid & made cruising on the highway so simple. It had cruise control, lane departure notifications, let you set the distance you wanted to be from the cars in front of you, and the car would break for you & speed back up after it would slow for another car entering a lane or for a slow down on the highway. Truly the most ideal road trip car! 

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