Marfa, TX Favorites


i wanted to share some more photos from my recent trip to marfa, texas with you guys! this was absolutely one of our favorite trips. marfa is one of the most magical places i've been to on the planet (shoutout to west texas, right?) & i recommend it to everyone.

the roadtrip isn't for the faint of heart, let's just say that. we drove 9 hours each way from dallas through virtually the middle of nowhere. arriving in the perfect little art town was the absolute best & totally worth it! these sand dunes were on the way — Monahans state park. 

The Prada Store is an art installation on the side of the road.

The Chinati Foundation is the art gallery featuring Donald Judd's work (the giant concrete pillars in the field)

The teepee was at El Cosmico. you can rent them & stay in them for the night in addition to camper vans & airstreams! 

Scroll down for our sleeping accommodations!  

Here is our map to Marfa

we had the best stay at the canteen (click for link). it was such a fun, unique space right in town! it was super central to all of the restaurants and shops in town. we had so much fun! use any of the links to find more info & book the canteen for your stay :) + facebook page