March Favorites


Each month (or every couple months depending on how many new things I find, haha) I want to do a little post about what I’ve been loving wether that’s a new brand, a book, music or local companies to support!

Here are a few of those things —


Pink Vase

This vase is from The Yo Store! A favorite shop here in Portland for vintage, local artisans & self-care items.

Vitruvi Oils

Forever diffusing Grove & Boost. Grove smells like a forest in the rain & boost smells like a citrus-based cocktail. Couldn’t be more of a fan of this amazing company! Here’s $10 to spend on anything at Vitruvi.


Organic, Fair Trade Coconut Oil Candles

Burning traditional candles is super harmful to our health due to fragrance + carcinogens — read more on that here. I’ve switched to using unscented candles like these little tea light babies & PHLUR’s candles exclusively!

Silver Cuffs

Nick got these for me for Christmas & they’re so simple + beautiful. They seamlessly tie together every outfit — highly recommend Loren Stewart’s brand.



A Moveable Feast

Nick just finished this book & handed it off for me to read & it’s so dreamy. I’ve been to Cuba + Paris & have visited some of Hemingway’s most frequented bars, book stores & restaurants in each place but had never read any of his books for whatever reason. We’re heading to Paris together at the end of the month & wanted to read something of his before our trip, and then visit his neighborhood + favorite parts of the city together. Cannot wait!


My favorites at the moment are Cape Francis, Kacey Musgraves, Maggie Rogers, Broncho, Tennis & Prep. Have a listen..

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy any of the products I refer to & promote. All opinions are my own!