earlier this month, i got to explore London with one of my best friends. it was truly one of my very favorite trips & the memories i'll have from it will be some of my favorites for the rest of my life. i am so thankful that i was able to go & for all i was able to see & do! here are some favorite photos from the trip:


We stayed at Blake's Hotel one of the nights (the white photos) -- definitely my favorite stay of the trip. They gave us a tour around the premises & we had the largest suite on the property. Would definitely come back & stay again next time I'm in London!

We also stayed at St. Pancras Marriot (the ones of me in front of the castle -- that is the hotel) in the heart of London. It was a beautiful old hotel right above the railway station! They had lovely appetizers in the evening & the following morning I took the chunnel to Paris, so it couldn't have worked out more perfectly!

here are a couple of my instagram posts from london!

hi London i like you a lot

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having fun being such a tourist ⚡️

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