How to Get Exactly What You Want


Ask for it.

This may seem second-nature, but when it comes to business interactions, it usually doesn’t float to the top of your mind right away. Right?

“I can’t ask them for that — it would be overstepping.”

“The answer will probably be no. Not worth the time to find out!”

“I don’t want to bother them.”

“They must get these kind of requests all the time.”

“They didn’t oblige my last question/idea, so why would this time be any different?”

Sound familiar?

I like to live by these two principles when it comes to getting what I want or need —

“You can’t get what you don’t ask for.”

& “The worst they can say is no.”

s/o to Kyle Meck for helping to instill these thoughts.


These are helpful concepts to get on board with because they always put a situation in perspective for me.

Whenever I find myself going back & forth, wondering what to do, usually the last place my mind goes to is — ask for help. or, just ask a question.

Truth be told, my favorite photoshoots, brand partnerships, trips & opportunities have all come from me simply asking what it would take to make it happen.

Want to work with a brand? Send them an email! Tell them what you like about them, why you’d be a great fit & pitch your concept.

Want to visit Morocco? Same. Offer to trade services to get a hotel secured. Can you provide photos? Social posts? A graphic design asset? (I go into the depths of what kind of trade is/isn’t okay, what’s worth your time/what isn’t in my eBooks, in case you’re interested.)

Want to collaborate with a fellow creative? Want to put together a workshop? Just ask them if they’d be interested in working with you.

Want to visit your favorite brand’s HQ? Want to meet with their marketing team & pitch an idea? Send them an email & ask. I’m sure they’d be happy to set it up!

You can’t lose anything from asking a question. The worst case scenario is that they say no & you can move along & come up with a new game plan.

The best case scenario is that they say yes & something works out!

But you’ll never know if you don’t ask.