Finding Your Niche


You want to start a blog… but you don’t know what about.

Finding Your Creative Niche

I’m often asked about finding your niche & what goes into that — where do I fit in the grand scheme of the internet? What should I post about? Will people be interested in what I’m sharing?

The good news is: there’s space for everyone, you can post about whatever you want, and chances are there will be many people interested in your take on a specific topic.

Where you go with that information has to do with your own personal interests & what you want to voice out into the world.

If you’re passionate about stray animals finding homes or universal healthcare or zero waste living or thrift shopping or test-driving cars or literally any hobby or interest, you’ve got your topic.

That’s something that no one can determine for you — it’s on you to decide what you’d like to share about. The beauty of a website is that it’s entirely comprised of what you’d like it to be — you can cover about as many subjects as you’d like in different sections of the website as you see fit..

There can be a tab about fitness, one about social issues, one full of keto recipes; the world is your oyster. More so now than ever.

If you’re struggling to come up with topics of interest, ask friends or family members where the majority of your knowledge lies or what they’d like to learn from you.

If you’re still unable to come up with topics, perhaps you’re not meant to start a blog, haha.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you care about. People will align with what you’re sharing & you can create a community around that.

I started my blog about 3 years ago.

I was often out shooting photos with friends who would all snap some of me in various outfits, & they each eventually mentioned that I should start a fashion blog.

I’d always wanted to, but was afraid of not having enough to share, not being able to post consistently, not having a unique-enough take on things, but I went for it anyway.

The first year or so I wasn’t consistent at all, only posting when I had time & never really making it a huge priority.

It wasn’t until the last year & a half or so that I realized I loved putting image galleries together, sharing thoughts, maps & travel guides for cities, diving into sustainability & tips surrounding this topic, & began working with companies who are doing things a bit differently.

It took a while to find my voice & understand what I wanted the purpose behind my blog to be — a place to share wellness tips, ways to be mindful of the planet, brands I love that are putting ethics & sustainability first, & finding ways to share local goods + artisans.

That’s a lot.

It’s far from one topic, but it keeps things interesting & allows me to share about whatever’s on my mind that week.

Your mission can be many things or it can be just one. From there, you’re able to find your audience, build a community that believes what you believe in & prioritize work that aligns with your mission.

If you’re specifically looking to start working with brands, cultivating a community, traveling & collaborating with others, I’d recommend checking out my eBooks.

I also have some free resources to help you get started!

Hope this helps! XO