Paris, France | Day 7


Day 7 — April 3rd

As for our final day (Nick’s birthday!) we went to Holybelly for breakfast. I got hashbrowns, toast, halloumi & poached eggs. Nick got a grilled cheese & soup special. We both had drip (coffee) & it was pretty good!


Next, we went to Yellow Toucan for coffee & probably the most delicious brownie of my life? I don’t say that lightly. I could have eaten like 8 of them.


From there, we went back to Centre Georges Pompidou to walk through a few more floors of art.  

We walked around a bit more, as we mostly did each day, & finished the night early with Deliveroo. We ordered from a place called Nove & it was actually amazing. I got spaghetti pomodoro & Nick got gnocchi & then we shared a tiramisu.

Our thought was that no meal was going to top the previous night’s meal, which was true, and it was raining out & we had an early flight so we just ordered in.

I don’t really like doing this when traveling but sometimes it’s necessary & sometimes it’s like the best take-out you’ve ever had. 


Also, how quintessential are these photos from the balcony of Hotel Monge?! I love this street. I booked my plane ticket from this hotel 2 years ago to go visit Nick for the first time after we’d met the week previously in Portland, so I felt very nostalgic being back here & knowing that I get to marry him now. V cute v cute.

Also, if you use the code BLOGOFFER when booking with them, the code gives you up to 20% discount on the booking + flexible rate + free breakfast!

This trip was such a dream & it’ll definitely be hard to beat. 

Paris will always hold such a special place for us & hopefully we’ll just live here one day in the future!