Flags for Good


You guys! We’ve been working on this flag for so long & are SO excited to finally share it with you! 

This quote is one of my favorites — I love the thought that there’s something good to be taken away from every situation. Any time I’ve ever looked back on a time that I saw as unideal, I’ve been able to see what good came out of it.

Such a good reminder in the moment when something isn’t going the way I wish it would. I always want to see the good in everything.

These flags are created in such a beautiful way —
@Parative’s manufacturer employs women that have been exploited in human trafficking — every 200 flags sold covers one woman’s wages for a year. That means 1 flag sold is 1.3 day’s pay.

These ladies receive safe housing, a living wage that exceeds the average wage in the region, financial security & retirement funds, personal counseling & health care. The flags are hand sewn in Mumbai, India.

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Flag design by Nick Livingston.

Flags are available for purchase here!

Hang these flags on your walls, from your front porch or use them as a picnic blanket. Can’t wait to see how you style these!