Conscious Valentine's Gift Guide


i wanted to put together a little last-minute Valentine’s Day gift guide! i loved making my Holiday Gift Guide & thought this would be fun too whether it’s for friends or your significant other.

did you know that Galentine’s Day is a legitimate holiday celebrated on Feb. 13th? it’s true... do with that what you will!

fragrances for all:

here are some of my favorite clean fragrances! i love PHLUR & Skylar because they disclose entire ingredient lists & are created with natural ingredients! *more on this at the bottom of this blog post —


the same thing from above is true for candles! all of these candles are made with natural fragrance & no harmful chemicals. all of my favorite brands!

favorites from ABLE:

able has the best mission: they strive to end generational poverty by employing women in the developing world to create their products & publish all of their wages. super transparent company making such an impact!

everlane men’s favorites:

here are some solid essentials that i think would all make practical gifts & high quality additions to anyone’s closet.

everlane women’s favorites:

so many perfect pastel + red leather accessories. annnd you can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans or a denim jacket.


nisolo men’s favorites:

these are all great products to grab as a gift because they’re necessary for upkeep but never fun to buy on your own. always sweet when someone buys you these kinds of things instead!


*mainstream perfumes (be that Gucci, Chanel, Dior or less iconic brands that are sold at your local Target) are generally filled with thousands of chemical compounds & carcinogens to create a fragrance. these brands legally don’t have to disclose what ingredients are inside: they can simply label it as company trade secret & not share what’s used to create that fragrance.

considering this is what we’re spraying onto our bodies & are absorbing & digesting, this is super alarming. make sure there’s never “Fragrance (Parfum)” vaguely listed as an ingredient in your products! this goes for everything from shampoos, household cleaning items & hand soaps to perfumes, hairsprays, sunscreens & lotions. just a quick PSA! (the good news: you can use the Think Dirty App or the EWG Database to look up everything you own. it’s a game changer.)

hope you enjoyed this ethical + sustainable + non-toxic valentines gifting guide! feel free to pass it on to anyone you feel would benefit : ) x

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy any of the products I refer to & promote. All opinions are my own!