Chiang Mai, Thailand


the best thing got to happen & i am so happy about it! 

back in the spring, my friend Alivia & i were like, "hey, thailand looks incredible. let’s find a way to go to thailand this coming year." then in May, i was on a trip in Cuba & on that trip i told my friend Kyle that Alivia & i wanted to go to Thailand in late 2017 or early 2018. he was stoked on it & when we got back from Cuba we made a group text of us & my boyfriend Nick & named it "thailand?" 

later on our friend Caleb invited us to South America with him but we were originally planning on Thailand in October & that's when he was going to Ecuador so we didn't think we could do both & invited him to the Thailand group text in case something ended up working out!

a couple months later, we found $380 round trip tickets to Bangkok & we booked them! that was in August. quicker than we could believe, January rolled around & now we are here & it is amazing.

we chose to spend 5 days in Chiang Mai & then 5 days in Krabi. Chiang Mai is more city & then Krabi is the beach & the boats & all of that. I'll do a separate post for Krabi.

if you ever get the chance to visit Chiang Mai, please go! it had some of the best coffee, breakfast & smoothies that i have ever had. emphasis on the coffee. all of the shops there are GORGEOUS & so unique. they're all making drinks that no one in the US has started on yet. the culture is incredible, it's super walkable & affordable. 

Kyle put together this AMAZING map of all of our favorite spots in the city + places that looked cool & that were recommended to us. definitely try all of the amazing coffee drinks & go to Zebb E Lee cooking class!!! that was the highlight of our whole trip. our host Art was the best & made the day so much fun, & we all agreed the pad thai we made fresh was the best we have ever had.

also, head to my Instagram & check out my story highlights on my profile & click on the Thailand one to see more photos of food & coffee! if you have questions about the locations of those spots, comment on this post :) XO