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I’m so thrilled about this campaign with Burt’s Bees! As a long time user of their products, it was so amazing to be able to share more about clean beauty & swapping toxic products for safe products.

Clean Beauty Blog | Samanthanicole.co

A few things to note: Burt’s never uses silicones or talc, their compacts are made with 75% post consumer recycled content & their pencils are made with responsibly sourced cedar wood.

I love this about the brand!

It is nearly impossible to find an affordable drugstore brand with ingredients this clean. Everything in Burt’s makeup range is under $16.99 & you can shop at Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.

Traditional drugstore brands as well as luxury beauty brands typically pack their products full of artificial fragrance, harmful chemicals & known carcinogens. Not to mention packaging product in non-recyclable plastic casings.

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I stopped using anything on my skin that isn’t naturally-made about a year ago. Once you learn what your skin is absorbing, there’s no reason to ever go back. I recommend the Think Dirty app & the EWG SkinDeep Database for looking into your products. You can scan barcodes & look up harmful ingredients this way! It’s super simple.


The All Aglow sticks are perfect for a touch of light color when out & about. I use the Suez Sands color for lips + cheeks.


I love the Goodness Glows foundation for a light + dewy look. They use sustainably sourced meadowfoam in the formula. (It’s great for moisturizing skin)


Love how simple these are to use & how pigmented they are all (via plants.)

Some other favorites from the brand are their brow pencil & hydrating mask. I wear this mask on all long distance flights & while traveling to bring moisture back into my skin after the life is sucked out of it via airplanes, haha.


One final encouragement —please please look into what’s going into your skin! It’s the largest organ you’ve got so it’s vital that you allow the products you’re absorbing to nurture your skin + benefit your health, not take away from it.

I like to think about how I focus on only purchasing organic foods & eating a pescatarian diet as one tiny part of what’s going into my body. This goes for clothes, makeup, haircare, & any other hygiene products.

There are always better options out there — all you’ve got to do is take a look!


Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy any of the products I refer to & promote. All opinions are my own!