Sustainable Summer Purchases | 6 Brands


Sharing my favorite ethical & sustainable pieces for Summer!

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Bone has been my favorite color this season. I know this because I suddenly own three pairs of bone-colored shoes & continue to purchase bone-colored linen on a weekly thrifting basis. I definitely wouldn’t say no taking this bag to the farmers market, to the beach or out for a day of errands.


Very into weird earrings lately. Uniquely shaped jewelry has been taking over & I’m here for it.



Ref’s new shoe line is full of 90s nostalgia, much like the butterfly hair-clip / puka shell / popcorn top / bermuda-length spandex short trends that have all come back to haunt us this summer.


This silhouette! So many print options, too.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 9.30.10 PM.png


This sports bra. Most everything they release consists of a spot-on muted color & a unique + functional shape.

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Bike shorts! In apricot! Girlfriend recycles water bottles to make their clothing — very obsessed. + they feature inclusive sizing.



Paloma Wool is a brand that I can’t quite formulate words for — I just love all that they do so much. They’re incredibly collaborative, innovative, trend-setting but timeless. One of my favorite shops to stop into in Portland carries this amazing bag from them.

Vintage Outfit Inspiration on

The recipe for perfect earrings this Summer: oversized, acetate, circular, floral. These somehow tap into everything that will one day be nostalgic about Summer of 2019.



Had to have a hard conversation with myself around the reality that there are only so many white dresses one individual can own & wear as infrequently as I do. So I did not get this dress. But can somebody please? It’s the dreamiest fairytale dress. Please report back if you do.

Vintage Outfit Inspiration on

This v-neck gingham suit?! Send help. Thought I would never be into gingham but this about does it for me.

Vintage Outfit Inspiration on


A locally-based brand with ethically made goods. Can’t say enough good about the quality craftsmanship & product carried by Connected Goods. This hanging basket is perfect.

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Just take a look across their entire website & fall in love. Really taken by the simplicity in their designs.

As always, please only purchase as needed & consider the impact of what you’re buying. It’s so helpful for me to create a wishlist in my notes & check back in on pieces over the course of a couple weeks, & I usually end up realizing that an item isn’t essential. As consumers, it’s imminent that brands we’re supporting are helping to better the earth + not harm it & each of these brands embody those beliefs! xx

Disclosure: I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you if you decide to buy any of the products I refer to & promote. All opinions are my own!