Amsterdam, Netherlands


last week, nick & i got back from a week-long trip to The Netherlands for his birthday! we had such a blast. we ate so much amazing food + drinks + coffee + did a lot of window shopping (& a bit of real shopping, of course). can't wait to share our favorites with you! 

to start, HERE is a map of all of my favorite places that we stopped into. i'll be releasing a more in-depth travel guide here in a bit & possibly a little video, so be on the lookout!

some key things to note from the Amsterdam map -

1. Blue Amsterdam was amazing for the view, but the food was pricey & pretty mediocre. good spot for tea or juice & the view, though! 

2. Sinne was a Michelin Star rated 4-course meal (with the option of adding more courses + wine pairings) & came out to about $100 for two people. it was an awesome experience & the food was amazing, & we love checking out at least one Michelin Star spot on our trips, so be ready to splurge a bit if you head there.

3. Pllek is such a blast! you take a free ferry to get there & order food at picnic tables out on the water. i'd definitely say you should prioritize checking it out!

4. Lavinia Good Food had such a good breakfast! amazing avo toast + brekky pizza. & they had matcha lattes which there seemed to be a shortage of in The Netherlands, which i missed a lot while i was there, haha.

5. do a boat tour with Those Dam Boat Guys! it came out to like $30 a person for a 2-hour boat tour on the canals. it's really intimate & the tour guide gets to know everyone, it's just a small group of people with the most personable tour guide. you bring your own snacks + drinks & we did ours at sunset & it was seriously MAGICAL. 

6. CT Coffee + Coconuts is a super hyped up place by tourists -- really cute on the inside but fairly expensive food that's only okay. would recommend it for a smoothie or tea & if you want somewhere cute to hang out or shoot inside, but didn't love our meals!

7. Omelegg is also super touristy & a well-rated breakfast in Amsterdam but we had a pretty bad experience there! our meal ended up being like $38 for the two of us & it was very average. they forgot several ingredients in our omelettes + the ingredients were canned, not fresh, they messed up our water & drink orders, & overall we just wouldn't recommend that spot.

8. La Perla was the best pizza spot! if you like Neapolitan style pizza, make sure to go here. it's in the cutest little part of the city, at such a cute little corner restaurant & the pizza was seriously so good.

i'll go more in depth on the city in my travel guide, but i hope this tides you over until then!