Ethical & Sustainable Gift Guide

ethical sustainable affordable holiday gifts

it’s the second week in November which means that Christmas is basically here! okay not quite, but you know how it goes. you blink once & suddenly you’re attending holiday parties & flying across the country for Christmas so i thought i’d get started early on a little guide!

i like to save myself the anxiety that comes along with those last-minute emails all December long that tell you how many days you have left to order things to arrive on time for Christmas, and just get it done beforehand!

this year we’re doing Christmas across Dallas + Tulsa + San Francisco. that means there are a lot of different family members + friends to gift! i’ll break this post down into categories with my favorite ethically/sustainably produced pieces for everyone you know! also throwing in a bunch of my favorite non-toxic skincare products. these are all things that i currently use & love + are rated below a 3 on the Think Dirty app.

skincare gifts for all:

if you’ve been following me for a while, you probably know that Herbivore is my all-time favorite. i’ve tried almost every one of these & while they are a tad bit expensive, they last for such a long time & they’re so good for you! literally made of plants & no scary unknown chemicals.

gifts for moms:

mom, if you’re reading this, skip past this section because i may or may not be buying each one of these items for you! i love each of these brands & their commitment to ethical production without loss of style.

gifts for dads:

i feel like all dads already have everything. all the wine-related gadgets, a solid backpack, more than enough travel mugs via every business trip ever, but i’d like to think that these are all quality essentials to add to his collections.

gifts for girl friends/sisters:

i went off my own personal basis for gifting favorites! i love to receive tshirts or simple jewelry staples & these are all such affordable finds from wonderful brands that give back/do good.

gifts for guy friends/brothers/boyfriends:

guys are tricky to shop for. any time you ask a guy what they want for a holiday, they’re usually like, “maybe some shirts. or a hat.” so i’ve got you covered with some unique pieces that i actually purchased for my own brother for his birthday!

gifts for your friends’ kids/nieces/nephews:

buying gifts for friends’ babies is almost more fun than shopping for adults. ethical/sustainable pieces in this genre are a little more difficult to come by, but etsy is a great resource, as is patagonia!

hope you enjoyed this ethical + sustainable + nontoxic holiday gifting guide! please pass it on to anyone you feel would benefit :) happy holidays!