i turn 22 today & it feels like the age when you start to realize you’re really getting older. no more milestones to hit anymore, you know? just different than other birthdays. but good. still good. so here are 22 things i’ve learned & that i think are important as i go into this year..

  1. it’s necessary to think through everything you’re grateful for every single day.

  2. not everyone is for you and that’s okay.

  3. commit to plans & follow through on them — beautiful things happen when you show up for others.

  4. say thank you more than you need to.

  5. your mom was right. if you are in high school, go give your mom a big hug & tell her you’ll be up to speed in a couple years.

  6. traveling teaches you empathy & awareness & opens your mind to so much. everyone tells you that it is expensive but that’s not always the case. if you’re determined, you can save up & make it work! go in groups & grab an airbnb. keep radar apps on flight deals. offer your professional services for trade. (i’ve flown to 10+ European countries in the last 1.5 years from the west coast for under $400 per ticket. i promise it’s easy.)

  7. you can’t get what you don’t ask for — the worst they can say is no. (s/o kyle meck for this one)

  8. you live & you learn. you can’t do it well if you’ve never known how to do it well. do better once you know better.

  9. say yes & figure the rest out later. it’ll be okay — go with it if you know in your gut that you’ll thank yourself later.

  10. make all of your website passwords different. (lol)

  11. to all my freelancers: get a CPA if you don’t have one, you won’t regret it.

  12. you’ll know if they’re supposed to be in your life if they radiate warmth. friends extend a hand to you that you didn’t know you needed. they’ll make you strive to be better.

  13. no one is waiting on you. if you don’t post on social media for a week or two weeks you will not be forgotten. don’t rush yourself.

  14. answer emails with a clear head. wait a day if you need to.

  15. take time to address your own issues, go to the doctor, get enough rest, take care of yourself because no one else can do that for you.

  16. not everyone is going to like you or understand you or be on board with your mission. sometimes those people share harsh words with you anonymously over a computer screen. as brené brown says, “if you're not in the arena getting your butt kicked too, i'm not interested in your feedback.” — anyone can hide behind a computer screen but not everyone can build a business online or do whatever wonderful things you are doing!

  17. when an unlikely relationship appears out of the blue that really just works right away, dive into it because it just may be the greatest decision you’ve ever made.

  18. get involved in your city: support small businesses, attend events, learn names!

  19. educate yourself on what ingredients are in the products you’re consuming/ingesting/wearing/eating each day. understand who your purchases affect. learn about ethics throughout all industries & what it looks like in your life to best support companies that are caring for the earth & those on it.

  20. ask for help when you need it. there’s no gold medal for doing difficult things & we’re better with others helping us.

  21. make your life impact more than yourself. find causes that you love & support them — share them with others & learn their missions & work with individuals that are making change & lend a hand to those who need it whenever you can.

  22. recognize that everyone is doing their best. (generally). if someone has a different job or home or idea than you, it does not make them worse or better. respect their opinion & be open to your own changing a bit. if you wouldn’t want something said to you, don’t say it to someone else. 

i could go on a thousand different tangents about each of these things, but i’ll leave it at this. i am so thankful for 22 years on earth & grateful for everyone in my life & my beautiful city & look forward to growing and learning more each year. i love that you can make any of your dreams come true if you put enough effort in. i never imagined life unfolding as it has the last few years & i’ve loved every moment.