sunny san francisco

i am in san francisco for the week! so stoked to spend more time in california. my family is moving here the first week of june so they flew out to house hunt / for my brother's spring break / easter! their temporary apartment in the city is so fun & makes me want to move here. 

i got to meet the man, the myth, the legend Jaquory today! he is such a talent + inspiration. we ran around & saw some pretty sights but the sun was SO harsh so we didn't do a ton of shooting. i think we are meeting up tomorrow with some other friends to go to Point Reyes around sunrise which will be pleasant : )

but all in all, great first day back here in a while! i had my favorite coffees & meals & got to take in this beautiful city. God did a pretty solid job creating California, i'd say.

i attached a similar dress because of course three days after i buy this dress at Urban, it sells out. it's probably still in stock at your local Urban! just not online. 

p.s. this dress is typically not something i'd wear but it felt so Serena Van Der Woodsen that i couldn't not get it. also it was discounted by like $60 its original price, so.

if you don't dig the similar one that i linked definitely check out these fit & flares from FP for more options!