So Glad You're Here!

Hi! My name’s Sam and I currently reside in Portland, Oregon (my ultimate happy place) and I document my time in new cities blogging + photographing for brands full-time. I couldn't love what I do more; when I was 19, I dropped everything and moved away from a small town in Ohio to pursue photography full-time, I prefer rainy days to sunny days, I love to cook and I could listen to Battle Studies by John Mayer on repeat probably forever. 

I have a huge place in my heart for ethical, sustainable brands in the fashion world and for clean beauty brands. In general, I love helping to spread the message of companies that are inclusive and making conscious choices for the benefit of the planet and for others.

I believe that everyone has the ability to live out their dreams, make a positive impact on the world and spend each day doing something that they love. I share more in depth about this + my knowledge of the social space with you in several different forms — if you’re interested, you can visit the education or the shop section of my site.

Lastly, Nick and I are so thankful to live a life where we can see new places often and work together each day. He's the most talented at everything he does and my favorite thing in the world is getting to spend each day alongside him, his direction and inspiring ideas.

Thank you for being here!

Photo by  Katch Silva.
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